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Hi, my name is Anna ! My specialty is painting kids' items and organizing creative workshops to customize and decorate kids' products. These include chairs, stools, tables, and doll houses. The workshops are for adults, parents on maternity or paternity leave with their infants are welcomed. During this workshop, all creative materials are included. You will leave the courses with your creations.

Workshop | Doll House​

3-5 pers  |  3.5 hrs / session 

Step into a world of enchantment and creativity as you join our doll house workshop! Immerse yourself in the delightful art of miniature design, where imagination knows no bounds. With Anna following you every step of the way, unleash your inner architect and bring your dream doll house to life.

Join us today and let your imagination soar in this whimsical journey of dollhouse creation!


Choose your house

Where ?
2 min from the Givatayim mall. 
Parking In front of the building. Elevator.

The location will be shared by text.
When ?
To come soon.
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